Apply Now For Sunbit In Jacksonville, FL

Look into Sunbit and discover a seamless alternative for covering the cost of your next service appointment in Jacksonville, FL. Repairs can be a considerable expense, and even though we do everything we can to give our customers affordable care at Nimnicht Chevrolet, including offering service specials, some costs are unavoidable. The Sunbit program allows customers to set up long-term payment plans to cover maintenance costs, removing the strain of overspending on one repair and keeping our customers — and their cars — happy!

What Are Sunbit Flexible Payments?

Sunbit flexible payments are made through a purchase repayment program that uses a “service now, pay later” model. Nimnicht Chevrolet has partnered with Sunbit to allow our customers the chance to set up plans for their service appointments, whether they need new tires or a more comprehensive and costly repair. You can choose a 3-, 6-, or 12-month payment plan, depending on your situation. Here are some more benefits to choosing a Sunbit flexible payment plan:

  • The soft credit check does not affect your score
  • 90% of people are approved
  • There are no fees or penalties for missed payments
  • Ability to change monthly due dates and request available extensions
  • Hardship options for extenuating circumstances

Our dealership chose to work with Sunbit because incidents can happen to even the most responsible drivers. When an unexpected fender-bender causes damage to your Chevy investment, Sunbit acts as your safety net for car repair. Buy now, pay later, and leave financial strain in the rearview mirror.

Chevy Service in Jacksonville, FL

Boasting Chevy-certified mechanics, advanced tools, and genuine parts, our state-of-the-art service center in Jacksonville, FL, is the place to go for Chevrolet service. Our Sunbit program means you can access our dependable service at an affordable price. Treat your car, truck, or SUV as well as it deserves by taking care of its maintenance needs when they arise. If you hit a cost you can’t handle all at once, Sunbit is there for you. Take advantage of all that our Chevy service center has to offer without worrying about how much it will set you back.

To book an appointment for a Chevy oil change, tire rotation, coolant flush, or more, reach out to our team in Jacksonville, FL, today.

Chevy Car Parts: Buy Now, Pay Later

Sunbit opens the door to a world of Chevy parts. Whether you need a part replacement after an accident or want to complete a “DIY” job at home, we will help you find what you’re looking for in our inventory. For purchasing customers, Nimnicht Chevrolet parts center also stocks a healthy crop of Chevy-compatible accessories and attachments you can use to customize your model. We order every component directly from the same factory that manufactured your vehicle, so you know it’s designed to be fully compatible. Explore our Chevy parts department today and order genuine Chevy parts and accessories.

Take Advantage of Sunbit, Apply Now

Our team is excited to share our “service now, pay later” program that you can use toward your next appointment in Jacksonville, FL. Whether disaster strikes and you are saddled with a repair cost you can’t manage, or you simply want to save a little more of this month’s paycheck, ask our team how to sign up for a Sunbit payment plan. Then, once you’re approved, manage your account and payments by downloading the mobile app to your smartphone. It’s that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sunbit used for?

Sunbit is a financial program that allows our customers to get their cars serviced without breaking the bank. You can choose a payment plan and pay over time until the balance is paid off. Although we do what we can to ensure our prices are fair at Nimnicht Chevrolet, certain auto parts and services are inevitably expensive. Sunbit is an alternative that makes the price of automotive care manageable.

Does Sunbit pull your credit?

When you apply for a Sunbit loan, you will have to undergo a soft credit check to verify you qualify for financing. Soft credit checks do not impact your credit score. After you have been approved, you will be required to make a small down payment on your purchase, but the amount will be a fraction of the overall cost of the service you’re financing.

What happens if you miss a payment on Sunbit?

If you miss a payment on Sunbit, it’s not the end of the world! If, for some reason, you need an extension or want to change your monthly due date, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team directly. Sunbit also offers hardship options and can be flexible if you are struggling. The purpose of Sunbit is to make your life easier as you work toward paying off your purchase.