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Chevy Dealership Lifetime Warranty: Nimnicht 4 Life


Buy your next pre-owned vehicle with confidence and peace of mind with help from the Chevy lifetime powertrain warranty available here at Nimnicht Chevrolet. We now offer a LIFETIME engine and powertrain warranty on qualifying pre-owned vehicles, including an entire year of free maintenance.1 Nimnicht 4 Life keeps you on the road and worry-free.

Our Chevy lifetime warranty applies to select cars from our pre-owned vehicles that are fewer than six years old and have fewer than 90,000 miles on the odometer.1 This offering sets us apart from the competition by providing you with a sense of security when you purchase a pre-owned vehicle from our dealership in Jacksonville, FL.

Visit Our Chevy Dealership With Lifetime Warranty Availability Today

We are proud to offer Chevy lifetime powertrain warranty coverage to drivers in Jacksonville, FL. Our team believes that you should not have to stress too much about the condition of your pre-owned car when you purchase it. That's why we offer such a compelling set of benefits to folks who purchase one of our qualified used vehicles.

Our dealership offers a wide array of new and used vehicles for sale to motorists in our community. We do our utmost to try to provide you with the low-rate financing plan you deserve. Please reach out to the Nimnicht Chevrolet team today to learn more about Nimnicht 4 Life or any of our available automobiles.

Normal wear and tear can take its toll on your vehicle, and sometimes some things break - big, expensive things. Nimnicht 4 Life keeps you rolling along, worry free, with our Lifetime Engine & Powertrain Warranty!

Nimnicht 4 Life coverage applies to all pre-owned vehicles five (5) model years or newer with under 90,000 miles.

Enjoy Worry-Free Vehicle Coverage with the Nimnicht 4 Life Lifetime Warranty:
Lifetime Engine & Powertrain Warranty

1 Year Free Maintenance

First Place Finish – Paint Protection Plan

Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection By Nimnicht Certified Technicians

Carfax Vehicle History Report

$500 Additional Trade In Value (with the purchase of a new vehicle)

Program Details

You Are Always Covered
Even when you're traveling and a repair cannot be made by Nimnicht Chevrolet, you will be directed to an authorized repair facility for your covered repairs.

Maintenance Requirements
Your vehicle must receive all scheduled maintenance services recommended by the Manufacturer’s published maintenance requirements from the date you purchased the vehicle, and you must retain copies of all completed repair orders showing the maintenance services performed during the coverage period.

Repair Requirements
You must complete repairs at Nimnicht Chevrolet if you are within a fifty (50) mile radius of our dealership. If you are outside of the fifty (50) mile radius, repairs must be completed by a licensed repair facility with prior approval from your warranty administrator.

Plan Coverage

Lifetime Engine & Powertrain Warranty
The Nimnicht 4 Life Lifetime Warranty begins on the vehicle purchase date and will remain in effect for your lifetime or until you are no longer the owner of the vehicle, or the Limits of Liability has been reached, whichever occurs first.

1 Year Free Maintenance
Nimnicht 4 Life includes oil and filter change, brake inspection, battery performance test, and multi-point inspection with Nimnicht Chevrolet’s certified automotive technicians.

First Place Finish
Nimnicht First Place Finish is a three-part car care system designed to help retain your vehicle’s value and good looks for years to come. With a FREE- APPLICATION every 6 months, First Place Finish protects your vehicle’s exterior from normal wear and tear and helps prevent damage from environmental elements and airborne contaminants.

Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection
All pre-owned vehicles must meet strict requirements in regard to their condition. Each pre-owned vehicle at Nimnicht Chevrolet is put through a comprehensive multi-point vehicle inspection. Our dedicated service technicians check virtually every part of the vehicle - inside and out, with your safety in mind.

CARFAX® Vehicle History Report
At Nimnicht Chevrolet, each pre-owned vehicle comes with a free CARFAX® Vehicle History Report. With a database of more than 7-billion records, CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports document whether a vehicle is a lemon buyback, has been salvaged, damaged by flood, used as a taxi, or rental car, had its odometer rolled back, as well as other pertinent facts that may affect the vehicle's safety and value.

What’s Included in the Nimnicht 4 Life – Lifetime Warranty?

Covered Components

The parts listed below in each component category are covered under the Nimnicht 4 Life Warranty. Parts not listed are not covered.

1. ENGINE: Engine block, cylinder head, rotor housing, oil pan, valve cover, timing cover; all internally lubricated parts contained within the engine; oil pump; timing chain, gears, and tensioners; timing belt and tensioners; balance belt; variable valve camshaft adjuster; intake and exhaust manifolds; harmonic balancer; engine mounts; water pump; flywheel; flexplate.

2. TRANSMISSION, TRANSAXLE, and TRANSFER CASE (Automatic and Standard): Case housings, housing covers, and pans; all internally lubricated parts contained within the housings; torque converter; viscous coupling; vacuum modulator; transmission mounts; transfer case shift/encoder motor; and range position sensor/switch.

3. DRIVE AXLE (Includes transaxle and four (4) wheel drive vehicles): Front and rear drive axle housings and covers; all internally lubricated parts contained within the drive axle housings; axle shafts; constant velocity joints and boots; driveshafts; universal joints; flex discs; driveshaft center support bearing; driveshaft yokes; four (4) wheel drive engagement actuators and motors; four (4) wheel drive locking hubs.

4. SEALS AND GASKETS: Seals and gaskets are covered ONLY IF required in connection with the repair or replacement of a Covered Part.


What does the Nimnicht 4 Life Lifetime Warranty include?

The Chevy lifetime powertrain warranty offered by our dealership includes a lifetime warranty for your powertrain, one year of free covered maintenance, a 172-point vehicle inspection, and a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™. We also offer First Place Finish, an exterior vehicle treatment that helps keep the outside of your car in tip-top shape. Please contact our friendly dealership staff today for details.

What is required to maintain the lifetime warranty?

To maintain your Nimnicht 4 Life warranty, you need to have all of your maintenance and repairs completed at our dealership or at an authorized automotive repair location. Your warranty administrator will help you determine which garage you ought to visit in the event that you're too far from our location in Jacksonville, FL, to visit us for your service needs.

Does the lifetime warranty expire?

The Nimnicht 4 Life warranty does not expire unless you void the terms and conditions of the warranty. Assuming you hold up your end, your engine, transmission, drive axle, and covered gaskets will be subject to our lifetime powertrain warranty. Please contact the Nimnicht Chevrolet team today for more details about this incredible warranty offer. We're excited to do business with you soon.

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1Warranties listed on this web page shall not be solely relied upon. Warranties may be subject to specific terms, restrictions, exclusions, and fees. Additional warranty information may be obtained by visiting the official website of the warranty provider. Contact our dealership for complete details.

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