Chevrolet Introduces Colorado Duramax

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The fastest-selling truck in the market now offers an available
turbo-diesel engine. The 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax diesel takes
midsize truck capability and efficiency to unprecedented levels.

With 369 lb-ft of torque (500 Nm) generated by its all-new 2.8L
Duramax turbo-diesel, the Colorado’s maximum trailering capacity rises
to 7,700 pounds (3,492 kg) on 2WD models, with estimated fuel economy
projected to top the already segment-leading efficiency of the gas

The new Colorado diesel goes on sale at Nimnicht Chevrolet this
fall, offered in LT and Z71 Crew Cab models, with 2WD or 4WD. It is
priced $3,730 more than a comparably equipped 3.6L V-6 model.

Features included with or exclusive to Colorado diesel models:

  • Smart diesel exhaust brake system that enhances vehicle control and reduces brake wear on steep grades.
  • Standard Hydra-Matic 6L50 six-speed automatic transmission matched
    with a Centrifugal Pendulum Vibration Absorber (CPVA) in the torque
    converter, which reduces powertrain noise and vibration.
  • The Z82 trailering package is standard and includes a hitch receiver and seven-pin connector.
  • An all-new integrated trailer brake controller is standard and exclusive on diesel models.
  • The G80 automatic locking rear differential is standard.
  • A 3.42 rear axle ratio is standard.
  • A new, electronically controlled two-speed transfer case is included on 4WD models.
  • Maximum trailering rating of 7,700 pounds (3,492 kg) for 2WD models and 7,600 pounds (3,447 kg) for 4WD.
  • GVWRs of 6,000 pounds (2,721 kg) for 2WD and 6,200 pounds (2,812 kg) for 4WD.

Colorado’s award-winning combination of refinement, maneuverability
and connectivity complements the diesel’s capability for Jacksonville, FL-area drivers, with segment-exclusive features such as Chevy
MyLink with phone integration technology – and compatibility with Apple
CarPlay – OnStar 4G LTE with Wi-Fi hotspot, Lane Departure Warning and
Forward Collision Alert.

Colorado’s innovative solutions for hauling and accessing cargo
include a standard CornerStep rear bumper, EZ Lift-and-Lower tailgate (standard on Z71 and available on LT), two-tier loading in the cargo
bed, 13 standard moveable tie-down locations throughout the bed, an
available, factory-installed spray-in bed liner and a line of available
GearOn accessories.

Inside the new 2.8L Duramax turbo-diesel
Colorado’s new 2.8L Duramax turbo-diesel features a variable-geometry
turbocharger for optimal power and efficiency across the rpm band and a
balance shaft for greater smoothness.

Power is SAE-certified at 181 horsepower (135 kW) at 3,400 rpm and
369 lb-ft of torque (500 Nm) at 2,000 rpm. A broad torque band makes it
very powerful at low rpm, while the turbocharged performance provides a
confident feeling of immediate and smooth horsepower on demand.

Additional engine features:

  • Iron cylinder block and aluminum DOHC cylinder head.
  • Forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods.
  • Oiling circuit that includes a dedicated feed for the turbocharger
    to provide increased pressure at the turbo and faster oil delivery.
  • Piston-cooling oil jets.
  • 16.5:1 compression ratio.
  • Common rail direct injection fuel system.
  • Ceramic glow plugs for shorter heat-up times and higher glow temperatures.
  • Balance shaft that contributes to smoothness and drives the oil pump.
  • Laminated steel oil pan with upper aluminum section that contributes to engine rigidity and quietness.
  • B20 bio-diesel capability.

The Duramax 2.8L is the cleanest diesel truck engine ever produced by
General Motors, and meets some of the toughest U.S. emissions
standards, thanks in part to a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)

The cooled EGR contributes to lower emissions by diverting some of
the engine-out exhaust gas and mixing it back into the fresh intake air
stream, which is drawn into the cylinder head for combustion. That
lowers combustion temperatures and rates, improving emissions
performance by reducing the formation of NOx.

Controlling noise and vibration with the CPVA
To control vibration and noise inside Colorado, engineers integrated a
device called the Centrifugal Pendulum Vibration Absorber (CPVA) in the
torque converter used with the standard Hydra-Matic 6L50 six-speed
automatic transmission. It marks the first application of a CPVA in a GM
vehicle and the first time it has been used in the midsize truck

The CPVA is an absorbing damper with a set of secondary spring
masses, that – when energized – cancels out the engine’s torsional
vibrations so the driver and passengers can’t feel them. In its unique
design, the spring masses vibrate in the opposite direction of the
torsional vibrations of the engine, balancing out undesirable torsional

Smart exhaust brake details
The Colorado’s integrated, driver-selectable exhaust brake system is
based on the system introduced on the 2015 Silverado HD models and uses
the compression power of the 2.8L Duramax engine to improve vehicle
control and reduce brake pad wear.

When the exhaust brake is engaged in cruise mode, exhaust cruise
grade braking will help the cruise control system maintain the desired
vehicle speed when traveling downhill, keeping the driver from having to
apply the brakes and exit cruise control to maintain speed.

When the exhaust brake is engaged in non-cruise mode, the
transmission and the exhaust brake deliver the correct amount of braking
to assist in vehicle control, regardless of vehicle load. It is a smart
system that varies the amount of brakes needed for the vehicle, load
and grade. The engagement of the system is smooth and quiet, while its
performance enhances the driver’s feeling of control.

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