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How Does Bad Credit Financing Work at Nimnicht Chevrolet?

If you have credit issues, purchasing a vehicle can be a major challenge – either you get turned down or you only get outrageous offers with inflated rates. At Nimnicht Chevrolet, we understand how these drivers feel, and we have found a better way to handle bad credit financing. To learn more about how to finance a car when you have credit issues, rely on Nimnicht Chevrolet in Jacksonville.

Bad Credit Financing Tips

We do everything possible for car buyers in St. Augustine and Orange Park, drivers, but there is a lot that anyone with credit issues can do to make bad credit financing easier overall. We have used our years of experience working on thousands of loan offers to put together these tips:

  • Get an Early Start – Request a copy of your credit report to understand exactly what condition your credit is in. Then look for any outstanding obligations you can pay off before you start shopping for a vehicle. Take care to also pay all of your bills on time in the months leading up to your purchase.

  • Make Saving a Priority – Bad credit financing offers often require you to invest a larger down payment. This demonstrates to lenders that you’re financially stable and committed to paying off the loan. Start saving for the down payment as early as possible.

  • Seek Out a Cosigner – A cosigner is someone who accepts partial responsibility for your auto loan. If you know someone with good credit who is willing to cosign with you, it can work in your favor in terms of rates and payments.

  • Get Your Paperwork in Order – When you’re ready to purchase a vehicle, you don’t want the bad credit financing process to take any longer than it needs to. Organize all your paperwork, including your finance application, pay stubs, utility bills, and potentially even character references.

  • Shop Smart – Look for makes and models that fit comfortably into your monthly budget. Credit issues do not have to hold you back, but you also don’t want to make your credit worse with loans you can’t pay off. Shopping within your means makes repayment much easier and helps to boost your credit score. Use our payment calculator to get a better sense of your monthly payments.

Rely on Nimnicht Chevrolet for All Things Finance

Before you choose your next car, explore all your options. Whether you choose to buy or lease the next model you drive through Orange Park and St. Augustine, the team at Nimnicht Chevrolet will be with you every step of the way. When you’re ready to get behind the wheel of something new and exciting, tour the massive inventory at our dealership in Jacksonville. In the meantime, feel free to contact us with all your bad credit financing questions.

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